Spread the Smile

The smile was recently proved to be the most memorable feature after you first met someone, more so than the first words they say. We all know the advantages of sporting a beautiful and healthy smile, then why don’t we go get it. The following are few interesting statistics on why people hesitate to meet a dentist although it’s been long overdue.

  • The most apparent reason for an adult to not visit a dentist is financial barriers. One in three people are unable to afford needed dental care due to their financial situation. Although 80% of them know that postponing treatment will cost them much more in the long run. Most countries do not support a complete dental insurance system and hence 61% of population surveyed were of low income and did not have a dental insurance.
  • The next biggest group of 33% of population surveyed believed that they did not need to visit the dentist as their teeth were in perfect order.
  • 14% adults declared that they don’t have time to see their dentist.
  • Adults who had marked the last option ‘others’, when asked to specify said anxiety and fear of pain and dental treatment made them delay their appointment (41%)

Among the senior citizens the option of ‘others’ was more prevalent. They specified that they wear dentures and had no teeth. Hence they did not visit the dentist.

Some small part of the survey population said that their dentist was too far to visit and that they disliked the sounds and smells at the dental clinic. Some people even said that they would give their dentist a pass because they lecture them too much. Well, that is a part of our job and we love it 😀

Unfortunately, the tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot repair itself. All the above reasons will stand by when that horrible toothache starts, except for those who wear dentures of course.  Your mouth is the window to your body and it is almost always worth your while to visit your dentist every 6 months to detect issues you may not be otherwise aware of. Smokers, diabetics and people with known chronic dental conditions might have to meet their dentist more often. Those who do not have adequate dental insurance coverage can speak to their dentists about annual preventive treatment packages, which turn out to be much more affordable. Many dental offices have membership plans which can be tailor made for you functionally and financially.

Dental fear has stemmed from negative stereotypes which originated a long time ago when dental technology was still in its rudimentary stages. Today dental treatment is designed to be painless and a comforting experience for patients of all ages (Read my Smile Factors at a Dentist). It would be wise to overcome delaying your dentist’s appointment considering that all advantages are in getting it done with. Your smile is not only the prettiest thing you wear, it can be your best social accessory.

Spread the Smile